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24/7 Crisis Support

If your organisation was hit by a significant crisis, how certain are you that your team can make the critical decisions you face quickly and correctly?

Where will you find teams of trauma specialists to support your people in the event of death, serious injury or other traumatic incidents?

We all want to do the right thing - but knowing what the right thing is can be difficult in stressful, unfamiliar situations.

We at docleaf deal with crises on a continuous basis. docleaf are one of the few companies that not only just help set up your crisis response systems, but also are there with you during the crisis. Our response services include:

> A 24/7 global response service.
> Round the clock and immediate availability of crisis mentors - with some of the best experience available.
> Crisis leader's mentoring - instant and immediate
> Advice on managing the media and other stakeholder communications issues.
> Deployment of trained trauma specialists globally to provide emotional and psychological care
> Telephone support help lines staffed by trained trauma specialists for those impacted